Yoshinoya is a Japan style fast food chain restaurant, yesterday, when I passed by, I went there for the none typical chicken rice bowl

most people would like to order the beef bowl , which is also the famous specialty there, because I don’t like the taste of beef, chicken and mushroom is my always choices.

Sometimes when I am sick of western fast food like KFC, I would miss the Chinese food similarity, Yoshinoya, you know, it’s hard to find a nation wide Chinese fast food chain brand, usually the trustable Chinese food restaurant would be a relative large scale, which is not suitable for going there by only one person. The very rare exception Chinese restaurant is JinDingXuan

Basically I think Yoshinoya would hold the line for the food security, but I think the low price motto make Yoshinoya in extremely stress for profit and cost, so I am not very optimistic for it’s future, because average the price of 30RMB($5) per bowl is still considered expensive by the ordinary people. So it’s such a dilemma.

Actually Yoshinoya China is running by a Hong Kong Agent authorized by Japan Yoshinoya, and their business operation is in a complicated way in China mainland, as I know, there are different companies running their business in northern China and southern China, well, that’s not a big deal for a brand, but complexity could be leading to mistake especially for food security.

That’s just a fast food lunch, I should’ve thought too much about it, right? bothering myself, so I just stop here.

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