On weekend, spend most of my time with my daughter on playing the Lego brick like toys, which is made in China from Mi.com ( XiaoMi ), and here is the partial done job for a cruiser.


The whole experience for this product is beyond my expectation, usually, I don’t think the ‘Chinese Imitation’ product could be a quality level product at all for a long time, the label of copy cat for famous world wide product is the still swirling around in all industry, but for years, Mi.com have earned my respect.

Here is some reasons.

  • They learn from Apple.com , not just exterior imitation, but the whole process with unique design, you can’t just simply call it imitation, It’s kind of craftsmanship, all their product from interior design to the shipping package appear they mean it to make a good product.
  • The price, I don’t know how they can do it, but they really did it with a relatively cheaper price to offer a really good product.
  • They are not stuck with their success, keep expanding and innovating their product line to intellectual home appliance, I can see they are building their economic system.

Also for the founder, I would like to say something.

LeiJun, is a young genius in computer science in late 1980 when he was in college, and joined Kingsoft after he graduated, you know, Kingsoft is the cornerstone of word processing software ,WPS, at that time, sometimes I thought if WPS was bored in US, the competition between WPS,MS Word or WordPerfect would be definitely bloody, unfortunately after MS words became the de facto industry standard, WPS have to comply with it, but till today, WPS office is still alive for free, and I really think it is the best alternative to MS office.

Figure: The 1st Gen in 90s

Figure: Current version. For Mobile, Linux,Windows

(In the last right corner, you can change the language to English. )

After resign from CEO of Kingsoft, LeiJun remain the chairman of the board, and joined a technical startup UCWEB, then, in 2010, he created XiaoMi company with some partners. the startup product is the phone, which was a hitting product at that time, since then, the ground rule for this company was built, which is beautiful design, quality level, and low price. Till now, basically, all their product go the same way.

You may know, last year, XiaoMi phone have been the top 1 market share phone product in India market, top 4 in China,(Huawei is top1, iPhone is No.5), you may check their product here.
(you can change region in the navigator bar)

As the competition of phone market goes way too steep, XiaoMi expand their product to lots field, the Lego like brick toy is one of their attempt. I can not technically say if their would be a intellectual infringement here, but I have to say they did a good job. The typical lego tech set would cost you 1500-3000 RMB ($220-$440), while the XiaoMi set would only cost RMB 499 ($75)

Finally, I think xiaoMi should be the most important tech brand you should pay attention to, from time to time, you can find some fun stuff on their website

PS. this list of my xiaomi product.

Air filter x3 (standard, Pro)

Mobile Charger 16,000mAh

Wireless Router

Figure: This is the latest model, while I have the 1 gen model one.

Outlet (with usb ports) x4

Brick Toy

Walkie Talkie x2

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