Women’s Day

Yesterday is the International women ’s day, there is lots of achievement data sheet discussing swirling around in the media, showing the great achievement for women’s right. And ladies got half day off at 8th.Mar. This particular day also reminds me of the missing of MH370, what a tragedy, as one of my former college from IBM was just missing with that aircraft. Sometimes, I would pray that they just got trapped in such a parallel world, which some day would cross with our world finally.

Women’s right is pretty good in China as you can see all the analysis from media which I don’t want to address more, what I would like to share is some of my view about women’s right in China.

Technically, I don’t think the achievement of women’s right and whether women live a better life the same thing, as an individual, if you are satisfied with your current life is the most important question.

I got no conclusion about this, but some fact I observed.

  • Most women more than 50 years old I know live in another one’s life, there are no life of theirselves, what does that mean? they are either looking after their children(adult ) or their grandchildren.
  • The working mother ratio is pretty high, I think, in the world, most of young women would like to choose to work rather than stay at home to look after their child for different reasons such as financial pressure, or the competition in the workplace. In general, taking care of baby would be not recognized a decent life than any working in China.
  • The older the women’s husband is, the more rude the men are, I would say they are less respected to their wife, but they are still live together for some reason. Young people are better in respecting each other, but the divorce ratio (40%) is pretty high in recent years.(Some other aspect attributed it as well)
  • Most young girls are under pressure by their parents about the marriage or the time of having a baby.
  • Technically women can not have a baby without marriage because of the legal practicing problem.
  • Sex discrimination is usual in workplace, for women’s looking, giving birth, but I think it is the problem all over the world.
  • Sexual harassment by power in workspace is not rare in traditional company, especially in university or educational facility
  • Legislation is not standing in the way of family violence. The victim is usually women.

In general, women living in first tier city would have much more chance to live a decent and independent life than who live in a under development areas. But in the matter of looking after children, women have much more pressure than man, they are in the dilemma situation, either their career or the children, and you know, most job position would not be kept for maternity leave among private sector in practicing under current legal framework.

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