Winter Climate

The climate of Beijing in winter is cold, dryness and strong windy, actually I think it is killing me when the most coldest day is coming, according to the latest weather broadcast, the next three day would be the most hardest day for people, the temperature would drop to -10C degree 14F), and the cold wind would make me feel even colder.

Humidity is really dropping to the lowest indoors, 10-20% around, which would discomfort your throat , even raise the possibility of catching flu, In each winter, people would expecting the snow, which is said it will purge the air and spare people from catching flu

The averaged temperature here in winter is -5C to 10C (23F-50F), mostly windy, if no wind, the smog could probably come. So I’d like to choose the wind.

In northern China, most of the community would have central heat system based on gas or coal , some would count on the individual equipment indoors , from my personal experience, central heat system would keep warm better, and you would expect 20C-25C (68F-77F) indoors, and you can complain to administration if the temperature do not reach 18C(64F).

For some historical reason, central head would start off the heating from 15th.Nov, end it on 15th,Mar next year, people who lived in the southern China do not have this benefit, such as in ShangHai,  actually during these days, temperature in Shanghai is 0C-10C(32F-50F), which is also really cool.

I can remember in my child hood, the cold wind would freeze my tears and snort when I walked against the strong wind, at that time, (1980s), no parents would pick their  child up when they are off school, the children have to walked alone to back home.

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