Where Did Your Trash Go To

One news (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/11/world/china-recyclables-ban.html )reminder me to talk about how you should handle your trash in China, I don’t know how exactly the trash business works around the world, but I can talk a little about the trash disposal of the individual life in China, which may probably make you aware of something helpful.

In general, China is along the way to push the classification of refuse materials, especially in the first tie city, but it is a systematic project involved lots of relevant industry, so basically, from the individual view, nothing achieved.

You can see the classification trash bin out there in front of your apartment, but no one would comply with the classification guideline to drop their trash, and even ironic or funny, when the dumpster trunk comeby, the workers just dump all kinds of the trash bin to the same storage. So don’t bother to sort your trash.


There are something special for the big stuff, such as toilet, furniture, sofa, mattress, or fridge, actually you don’t have the official channel to drop it, the best way to handle it is when you buy something new to substitute it, you can ask the seller to help handle it , usually they would help you for the selling deal.

If you can not find the vendor to help you, there are private agents around some large community, negotiate with them, they even sometimes pay you a little (don’t expect more, usually $1-5), check out the photo, guys would be there all the time.

Figure: The Minivan parking at the zebra crossing is the trash agent.

Figure: A lady is selling their washing machine.

Figure: Again washing machine, and the Logo on the minivan, means furniture and appliance recycling.

Figure: They also can help move home.


The worse situation is some used toilet or mattress sofa, no one would help you take care of it, so some people usually just drop it on the street, yes, sometime the trash would be there for month, and finally, I don’t know how they disappeared. In fact, this is the way which should be blamed, but I can’t figure out how they can do also.

Figure: Finally, it disappeared after two weeks. The owner really did not care what others feel about it.


Figure: Construction trash…


For shadow business, go dumpster is a good business for some elder man, this is motived by the benefit(not much), they will check the trash bin periodically (less than 5 min) in the community, take away the bottle and something valuable, and sell them to some dealer. And dealers will gather and do the classification, sell them to some manufacture to make something, usually bad, unhealthy, but this is kind of working way for trash recycle in the shadow, obviously it is lack of supervision by government, so shady business usually happen here.

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