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Beijing authority published the policy in detail on how to legally get a Beijing Hukou. which is the fundamental legal paper for citizenship of Beijing, here is what the hukou means to a Chinese people.
-> If you can earned 800,000 RMB per year (more than 120,000 $ per year), then you basically are qualified to apply the beijing hukou quickly, and given the cap of annual limitation of new legal migration to Beijing, others people should work their ass to reach the line. So It’s a illusion for most of people working there. But still, hope is there.


MeToo movement still play its way in Chinese college as I mentioned here  also the scandal news( ), but it also still running its way of severely contained.
->It is ironic for the coming 120 years anniversary for this university famous for the freedom spirit of her founder. and basically no more young people know US funded this university for decades.


North Korea and South Korean are likely to sign a peace agreement to officially end the Korea war in 1950s, we can’t just to a conclusion if it is a good thing for now.
->Who will remember the casualties (close to 1 million ) and injures of the Chinese army in the war. People forgets thing, and politics is cruel.



US Trade representative will come to Beijing to negotiate the deal of the Trade war
-> If the negotiation failed, will China unleash the currency again to boost the real estate market to gain money? if that so, it is hell for every body except the powerful people. I can clearly recall the document that show National government to rip the middle class off by playing the currency game, then flee to Taiwan with the real money(gold.)

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