Western Style Cake Shop

Last Time, I talked about the traditional Chinese cake shop( http://www.beijinghangout.com/?p=1212) which is usually considered as for older market segment, and for the young people, western style cake shop would be their first choice, so I will take some popular cake shops in Beijing.

Except the niche and private cake shop, which I could talk in the future, most good cake shop is chain store one, just check out the popular one.

BTW, in mandarin, the pronunciation of cake shop is DànGāoDiàn , which may be helpful for visitors.


My daughter’s, which I think it’s better than mine.

Local Brand

Holiland(http://www.holiland.com) 好利来
This is a rising brand since 1992, growing rapidly during these years, opened more than 1000 direct selling stores across China, the founder, CEO is actually a famous photographer, also he opened his Luo Hong Art Museum (http://mob16a6229b.isitestar.bj.cn/page116.html) in Aug.2016, recent years, Holiland brand are pursuing the shifting of their brand from moderate to upscale with revamping all the storefront, and upgrading their product, in fact they did it, but lose some of the cost sensitive consumers indeed.

WeiDuoMei(http://www.wdmcake.cn) 味多美
This is the closest competitor to Holiland, and marketing position is almost same with Holiland before Holiland upgrading their brand, you basically could find any of WeiDuoMei store not far from Holiland, in some areas, WeiDuoMei got even more shops. In general, The price of WeiDuoMei would a little cheaper than of Holiland, and the products they offer is pretty much same.

Both store offer all kinds of bread, birthday cake, and some candy and cookies etc.

21cake (http://www.21cake.com)
This is a more of a cake brand, not bread, with upscale position, and faster online order delivering is their competence, so birthday cake? yes, it’s pretty good.

Korea Brand

Paris Baguette (http://www.pbchina.cn) 巴黎贝甜

Tous Les Jours (http://tljchina.cn) 多乐之日

DESSERT39 (dessert39.com) (Sorry, I never been there for this shop)

I just put all the Korea brands together, as I can not tell the exact difference between all these Korea brand, but in general, they are all offering quality level product, variety of breads, good looking cake, and even competitive price, which is a little higher or comparable price with Holiland, I think the product gap between local brand and Korea brand is still there obviously, but indeed the local brand are making rapid progress.

Donut is another specialty in all these Korea cake shop, most of the donut product is a hit product.

Taiwan Brand
Actually this is an upscale brand which pay more their attention to the bread product itself. I have eaten their bread long time ago, frankly I feel good, but can not tell how good it is, as I am not a real bread fans. The only two bread products I usually buy is baguette and sliced bread.

The photo is taken in the railway station when I wait for my friends.

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