War is a terrifying thing to me, as early in my young age, I knew people will die for ever and will never come back to life, that’s why I am very mad at the directer who direct the romantic – weird war comedy or series drama in TV program, as you may know, most of the TV program series is about anti- Japanese during the war II. I don’t think we should forget history, but the truth or true history about war is crucial for young people to realize what the war is. It’s not just about beautiful women king a whole Japanese platoon easily, and how moron all the Japanese are, all war movies or dramas , even the best one, such as Saving the private Ryan, Band of brothers, Letters from Iwo Jima and the recent Dunkirk should reflect the sick of the war, humanity of people, brutal, cold,bloody of the war.

I don’t know why I bring this none sense up today, maybe the news of ballistic missile launching from N.Korea, we are kind of on the verge of the war with our neighbor or saw the movie Dunkirk the second time when thinking of the embarrassment anti Japanese drama showed on TV every night. I have no idea.

The top grossing of the Dunkirk(2000 million RMB) in China is probably one twentieth of the top one Wolf Warriors 2(5 billion RMB )which is more popular among Chinese people, just hitting, killing enemy all the time like some entertainment Hollywood movie did, actually it is good for movie market, but I would give more credit to Dunkirk.

This is not ending with a movie review at last, but just some featured scene I like most

Not much people in China know Dunkirk rather than a evacuation or a name in the high school history book, we don’t have so much detail for all the history in textbooks, you have to look for the information with more detail by yourself to see the meaning or the importance of this evacuation, the reason why I like this movie is the individual perspective, which give me much more detail about the war, even all the individual are just the dust or a symbol during the war affair. Every one in the war got his individual reason which is usually not much noble or sublime, sometimes dragged or have to, even just for surviving.

There is not much explicit bloody scene, but you can just imagine your own.

Personal surviving instinct


War is even hell for women, children, they barely can protect themselves and run.

You made a choice for your brothers, not for damn country

I am not optimistic that he can survive from the Battle of Britain (Air battle for England)

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