Victoria’s Secret 17‘

Forgive me , when I the first time heard this intriguing name decade year ago, I thought it would be kind of erotic reality TV show, such an embarrassment for me. As at my 20s, anything related to sex would have great attraction to me, even obsessed with it sometimes. But it is a little bit disappointed after I found the seed and download it, which turned out to be a normal lingerie fashion show.

After that I never care about this show again, only the name of Miranda Kerr and controversial Terry Richardson sometimes remind me this fashion show. And I also have something in mind that this show may have gone downhill during these years,since it became more and more popular among ordinary people, no offense, niche is good with unique taste, but popular main stream market can make more money with more regulation and restrictions.

To expand China market, the show was held in shanghai China this year. And gathering 7 Asia model in the show for the first time.The ticket is up to 35w per seat, which is so greedy for the host, and it is said that the ticket systems crashed when the audience came in, then some of them just pick the seat at will, what a mess.

Talking about the Asian model, the big news during these days should be the Ming falling down on the stage, actually I don’t think it is a big deal, just a Oops or funny time, but the discussion about this swirl around on all the forum and press. which made her or her team humiliate, even ugly, especially for the lie and excuse from her PR team. Here is the thing, after a short time of her falling down, her PR team tweet ( something about the slipping stage and twisted ankle to make a excuse for her falling down, which turn out to be a complete and deliberate lie for the photo, even worse, after the top brass of Victoria’s Secret post a message on Instagram to do some PR thing for the show, as well as to praise Gizele stopping to help Ming up. The PR team of Ming shamelessly distorted the translation in Chinese to “The falling down of Ming is the great moment in his mind.”

I didn’t dig more about this news, if I have something to criticize about this, that would be Ming did not do a good job for her professional as a model. Rather than pay more attention to PR, reality show and sensationalize herself, she should probably care more about her professional skill.

As a matter of fact ,Asia model will always be the minority and ornament for the fashion industry, and got less spotlight compared to their white counterparts, that’s the kind of way how the industry works, but as a individual, is doing a good job that hard?

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