Valentine’s Day

Today is valentine’s day, and I don’t remember when I was a kid, there is valentines’s day, It probably came into public’s mind when I was in the college

In fact, most people (merchandise ) celebrate this day before they know why valentines’s day came to China, for me, it is a weird day, when you walk on the street, there are strong commercialized air swirling around, people selling rose would ‘conner’ you to buy a flower, so I would avoid this day, by spending my time with familiar at home.

Actually, valentine’s day is a good day for young people, especially for the college student, they got a reasonable reason to send gift and speak love to their admirer, even got chance to have intimate relation, you know, In China, the culture for sex is pretty conservative also a lot of male people still have the virginal obsession, especially in underdeveloped areas, but on the other hand the sex education is also falling behind, young people do not have the official or right channel to get the necessary knowledge, so abortion problem is severe among young people. This is one of the reason way Japan AV is popular among Chinese young people, even Sola Aoi ( )developed her career in China mainland.

Sex is the natural desire for human being, if you prohibit to discuss in official channel then it will still find a way out. I am a strong advocate for sex education under very young age. and absolute do not treat it as a mysterious thing.

As usual, I found myself off the topic again, usually, If I would sent some gift to my wife, I will still avoid this very day, just before the valentines day, I sent my wife a luxury bag, but it is an used one (not a fake one)from , which saving me a lot and she was also aware of it, it is quite a worthy one. And also it can be resell again in the future.

As I known the most famous used luxury store is in Yokyo or Osaka of Japan, where lots of Chinese celebrities would go for shopping. Well, take part of role of it, but the compromise is you have to be able to tell the counterfeit goods.

I think lots of business begun with imitation, but along the way, the owner will reinterpret the concept of his own, forge his own identity. unfortunately we, in our country, did not go this way in general, but I see some of the entrepreneur have realized this and try to build their own identity, such as xiaomi.(

Notes: Featured image is from here under CC0 Creative Commons


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