Trésor Rare

One of my wife’s friend sent her a set of beauty product which brought up today’s topic. In the very beginning, we never heard of this brand Trésor Rare and just think it is a common beauty gift, but eventually it turned out a top luxury brand, and way too expensive than the usual Estée Lauder or Dior, furthermore, when I know this brand is owned by Jewish people, I figure out something by myself.

Jewish people were famous for their commercial success all over the world, and have extraordinary impact to the America politics, and I have to say, as the same minority group in US or other place in the world, Jewish people is way too of ethnic solidarity as one group than the Chinese community and group, and this is also one of the reason Chinese people do not have much impact on the international political world.

Backing to this beauty product, I heard a rumor, like to say, the diamond industry is based on a lie by Jewish people, which help them make money, that may be not true, but it is undoubted that Jewish people are good at doing business. Regarding of Trésor Rare, from my perception, I don’t think it can be positioned beyond the ubiquitous brand like Estée Lauder, but it did, and seems selling well in US and Europe market. If a Chinese entrepreneur would like to start a business like this, Trésor Rare would be a good business model for reference I think.

Beauty product falls into a profitable industry, as most of industry of “Made in China” is still struggling at the line of balancing the income and expense, even the most famous and healthy one XiaoMi (, the net profit is less than 100 million US Dollar, given xiaomi’s value of assessment is beyond 80 billion US Dollars, the net profit is pretty low. So the Jewish people just sit on top of the food chain, I think.

Beauty product does not rely on heavily logistic, asset management like most of manufacturing industry, and the largest amount of their investment should be R&D and Marketing, it is pretty similar with the pharmaceutical industry business model, sometimes, I would think why Chinese entrepreneur do not have much successful experiences in both industry as they have achieved a lot in the manufacturing industry over years. No answer.


Figure: Seems less than 40 years born…

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