Traffic Rule Violation

I went to police station today to refresh my driving registration, which means you have to refresh you car registration paper every two year until the sixth year, then you have to go to government assigned facility to make a real inspection of your car. This is a safety insurance for the ‘old’ car, and it is mandatory for all the vehicles.

What shock me most is the crowded hall, I can barely see the end of the line, and I look at the electronic billboard, it shows there are almost 100 people ahead of me. So I gave up, and step outside and chat with the parking custodian about when is the appropriate time (less people)to come over, the guy who is almost more than 45, told me, every day, it is crowded here, only morning is a little bit better. And after I ask him why so many people is here, he told me, most people here is to handle their ticket of the traffic violation. Well, here is some basic traffic rule for your awareness.

One’s driving license got 12 point at the first place, if you got traffic rule violation and caught by police on side or by the traffic camera, you will be fined with money, as well as the point, 3 point is a usual unit, such as minor excessive speed, 6 point for traffic light violation and less than 50% excessive speed, if you got drunk driving and more than 50% excessive speed, then, 12 point with the suspension of your driving license.

The point will be reset every years, which I personally think it it too loose, lots of people would use others’ license to help him share the punishment point to avoid exceed 12 point. As a matter of fact, the police also realized this loophole, and put some more restriction on this.

Actually all the fines and points can be handled via online bank, which is the exact way I do for this, and to apply an online bank for this is free of charge, so I don’t understand why so many people would choose to line up here for more than 1 hour.

The traffic order in Beijing is among the best across the country, but it is still really bad compared to Japan, Hong Kong, even US. You can definitely see the traffic rule violation every day when you are driving, and it is with great odds, you can see the traffic light violation (6 point ) as long as there would be no traffic camera out there. So when you drive near to the crossing, try to lower your speed to make sure no vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle or car) across against you. But the most ridiculous thing here is if you hit with any of them, you will still take a minor responsibility for the accident which means you have to pay for some of the damage.

So in short, in most cases you should avoid the vehicle which is violating the rule for your own benefit on the premise of your own safety, check out this footage years ago, my recorder recorded a motorcycle violated the traffic light driving against me, I changed the lane and speed up to avoid him finally.

Update: 2018.2.7

Figure:This time I came there before 8:30AM and line up about 10 mins, then got my license refreshed. what is compromised is you have to line up in the cold winter.

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