Today is a big day for News

1.Bloomberg unveil in advance the acquisition of the Redhat by IBM with 34B, here is what I am thinking, well, the source is coming from techcrunch

It’s in overall a bad thing for Redhat (not owners, but the employees), there will be huge culture collision, and the redhat will lose in finally what ever redhat CEO say about it.

Yes, I agree that Walton is kind of dying or to say, at least, the story would no longer attractively and practically draw attention from the investors any more.

IBM will still be struggling in the next decade, if IBM can survive, I have to admit, I still got some good feeling about her. But I don’t think she can dance again like in 1993.

2.A CCTV famous host just passed away,  Li long at his 50.  He is the less people who can die in peace with dignity I think, because he is in US.

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