Tips for MacDonald

For me, as a visitor to any other foreign country, I would like to find the food chain store which I am familiar with, you got reasonable expectation of what you will get. that’s alway comfortable for myself.  so does any visitor to Beijing.

I don’t think you would go to the “best” restaurant everyday, sometimes you would like to eat something alone, enjoy some relax time or just have some rest after your trip, then MacDonald or KFC would be a better place.

Also, these two restaurant make their food significant adapted for local people’s taste, yet you would familiar with most of the menu, such as BigMac, all kinds of burger,  fried chicken, or happy meal for kids.

you don’t need to worry about the converse with the boys/girls behind the counter, even they don’t know what your are talking about, simple sign language is enough for you to order via the menu. on the other hand, you can make a good use of the self service kiosk out there, most MacDonald in Beijing is equipped with this kind of kiosk, it is very convenient if you can pay via Apple Pay, Wechat pay or Alipay.  BTW, KFC do not have that upgrade like MacDonald.

Self Service Kiosk 


At last, some tips

  1. Most MacDonald and KFC is opened for 24 hours,  so they are the ideal place for homeless guy to rest over night, you could see them by chance, but safe for you, and if you can not find a decent rest room around you, here it is.  it is quit a conscience of these two companies.
  2. Health problem, if you don’t eat here every day, that’s not a big deal, in China, we are still struggling with food safety, so here is a safety choice for you, and also you can taste some good stuff you would never have in your own country,even in Hong kong and Taiwan such as Grand Chicken Spicy Hot, which I think it would be the most successful product in China.
  3. If you can’t live without coffee every day,  drip brewed coffee in MacDonald is pretty good enough for you which just cost you less than 2 bucks,  also you can go McCafe counter to order expresso or latte/America costing you about 4 bucks.  Starbuck is an alternative for regular coffee lover with more choice, but cost more.
  4. Pyramid scheme fraud is common to see around in MacDonald and KFC in China, here is the official working place for them, not kidding.
  5. Watch out your valuable, keep you baggage within your sight,  there is few violent crime in Beijing, such as robbery here, but thief or pickpocket is still there, not too much, yet being careful is always good.

Order counter and pick up counter

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