The Truth

All goodness begin with telling the truth

Who said that? Not me, not Lego Batman, It’s just a common sense all people should know. As I mentioned in my previous articles talking about some public figure, the reason I like them, or to say respect them, mostly because they are all telling the truth, if they can’t, at least they have themselves shut up, rather than tell a lie. Sometimes, I don’t really buy in their point, but that’s not a big deal, we all have disagreement all the time, just compromising something, achieving something.

This is a short article which make me to memorize the homeless people who was forced out in winter. I don’t want to talk too much about this and also I’ve done nothing for them, so I just recommend a really good movie here to reminder myself what the truth is.

This is the art top of Director Zhang’s career trajectory (obviously not the finance aspect), then he’s gone downhill all the way for his own reason, just for this very movie he have my respect all the time, even he kind of compromised his career during these years, at least he know, and respect the truth in the past. Someone said, if we forgot the past, that’s the betrayal (not the exact phrase I think.)

Backing to the movie, adapted screenplay from the same named novel ‘To Live’ by famous Chinese writer YuHua, it is kind of a bloody Chinese modern age history textbook, you can see the dramatic society changing during dozens of years via protagonist’s eyes, it’s a really touching movie even if you are not a native Chinese.

the title ‘活着’ literally means ‘to live’ which is a perfect reiterating of the epic story, also the protagonist and even cameo is the great star nowadays in Chinese movie industry

Figure: Director

Every time I saw this movie, I burst to tears when I saw the fate of their daughter, even think about the children. So I would not see this move again.

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