The Food&Restaurant in Beijing

As the competition of food industry is way too steep in Beijing, specific list varies over times.
this article is written in the middle of 2017, and will take about 10-15 mins to read.

I would like to go through this by four dimensions and aspects, which is

Price Category
Culture Related
Health Safety
Traffic Convenient

For a visitor to Beijing, the Culture related and Price might be the decisive factors, and also safety and convenience would be the important secondary factors which should take into account seriously.

From my experience over years with our foreigner friends, if the dinner is not on the house, or to say treated by vendor, most people would be comfortable with the average expense of about 200RMB per person. This kinds of restaurant fall into upscale category, which is the recommended, average price beyond 500RMB/per person would be typical luxury restaurant with extra service such solo music, band or kinds of show, which is practically not recommended, and some of them are actually out of business or transformation to upscale category because of the anti-corruption movement by Chinese government during the past 5 years. Average price below 100RMB per person would be the most business model look like, but the health safety risk rise dramatically, you should know exactly the restaurant you are going to, to make sure there are no health risk, including allergy to peanut and some kinds of vegetable, ask your local friends about the small local restaurant, yet we can not deny there are good, health small restaurant with fantastic food.

Regarding the upscale restaurant, couple with the Beijing culture, here is some samples doing business for decades.

Peking Roast Duck
This is a Beijing specialty you can find at a lot of restaurants, and what you should do is looking for the restaurant dedicating to this cuisine, which would probably be Quanjude(全聚德), as well as DaDong(大董), yes, the restaurant President Obama ate in 2009, we talk about it later. There is dozens of Quanjude there in Beijing, but most of them are running business in franchise mode, so we do not think them authentic and quality guaranteed. what I recommend is the direct store of Quanjude, such as QianMen restaurant, Hepingmen restaurant and Aoyuncun(Olympic) restaurant, which usually have the better quality control of their roast duck. and the Da Dong Roast Duck mentioned earlier, is much more high end in price compared with Quanjude(200RMB/per person), reaching 400RMB/per person, actually all the add-on value come to the restaurant environment and decoration, speaking of the flavor of roast duck, as a ordinary people, I can’t tell, both is excellent.

In overall, Qunjude should be in the top of your restaurant hit list, Olympic restaurant is in the north of Beijing, Qianmen is center of Beijing near TianAnMen Square, Hepingmen is little more southern, just find one near your hotel, It’s convenient to take Taxi, Subway to reach any of them.

Quanjude and Dadong have no food hygiene violation record in public as this article written, so just be careful the allergy to some vegetable food with peanuts, check out the English menu detail when you order.

Price recommend (moderate 200RMB/per) 5/5
Culture experience ( ancient style) 5/5
Easy to go (some Direct store )4/5
Health (good)5/5

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Price recommend (very high 400RMB/per)2/5
Culture experience (modern style, but luxury )3/5
Easy to go 4/5
Health (good) 5/5

Hot Pot
Hotpot is known as a famous Beijing food back in hundred years in history. There are thousands of Hotpot Restaurants allover Beijing town ranging from 50RMB/per person to 200RMB/ per person, even some higher end restaurant in private, or niche restaurant which we do not cover in this article. What I want to recommend to you is two chain restaurants, because it is easier for you to reach this kind of restaurant which have an above-average quality control of their food.

DongLaishun(东来顺) is a traditional mutton hotpot opened in 1903, as the flavor is much more authentic, which means the smell of mutton is strong, some younger people can not be getting used to it, but some old resident just like the “strong”, so if you are not a native Moslem, or just want a public-oriented flavor of hotpot with more choice such as beef, fish, pork, sea food, vegetable, you should probably go to the second chain restaurant HaiDiLao.

Haidilao(海底捞) is a new hotpot multinational company since 1994. it grows rapidly, and famous as their sweet service. To improve the popularity of the traditional Hotpot, Lots of raw food has been added to their menu, and all the flavor is public flavor oriented, so it will within your expectation of a good, interesting dinner. although press exposed that one of the Haidilao restaurant have series of hygiene violation in 2017, the overall reputation of this restaurant remains good(Think about the MacDonald hygiene violation incident in 2012, we still choose to trust MacDonald)

Both restaurant is easy to be found near your hotel within 5KM, and they maintain an above average quality control of their food in general. just be careful with the variety of vegetable, which mostly only grow in China(allergy risk), if you are not sure, just order the vegetable you know and typical mutton, feef, fish and seafood instead.

Price recommend (moderate 150RMB/per) 5/5
Culture experience ( depends on restaurant) 4/5
Easy to go 5/5
Health (good)4/5

Price recommend (moderate 150RMB/per) 5/5
Culture experience ( depends on restaurant,mostly modern) 4/5
Easy to go 5/5
Health (good)4/5

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