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Talk show in China, are you serious ?

Technically there is no talk show in China, only some kind of variation compared to the typical Stephen Colbert’s from NBC , before TV came to our life, there are already famous traditional performance art out there in China for hundreds years (mostly in northern China)called Xiangsheng(, two performers or solo, usually talking, sometimes singing, as a popular comedy, and usually XiangSheng would’t care much more about timeliness, the topic they talked is relatively confined(people won’t see the same performance everyday), but it still funny, so if you happen to visit China, you can still find couple of famous XiangSheng theater in Beijing and Tianjin city nowadays.

we do have some imitation program for western talk show, but still the host can not talk much about important news or politics because of the well-known reason, so most of the talk show tend to be gossip oriented or boring celebrity bragging show.

So if you know mandarin well or want to sharpen you Mandarin even better, here is some good talking program for your reference, and I will give the reason also.

QiangQiang San Ren Ding (literally means: walk around with three people)from phoenix TV (HK), Host: DouWenTao (锵锵三人行)

One host with two guests this is the only talk show on which the host and guest can talk a little about the politics or the current news, and most important, basically they talk the truth or silence , rather than obvious lie. it’s not boring usually and on air since 1998 until be suspended by authority in Sep. 2017 (more than 5000 episodes), but you can still find the unofficial program on, just type the searching key word (锵锵三人行), anther reason I like it instead of telling the part of the truth, is when I grow up , have my own thought about the world, this show seems also growing up, I can still find something attracting me, so in anther world, for now, the targeting audience for this show should be mostly the people who are more than 35 years old, even older. The insight from this show usually against the main stream media’s. So that’s it.

If you are interested in traditional Chinese culture, then you should check out the talk show from MaWeiDu(, I talked about this man, and this talk show is on air since 2016, just his own, talking everything about Chinese tradition,especially for the vintage or antique. You can find the official address for this( just bear with the hell 90 second commercial time, can you believe that? just do that to you. you see the ultra long AD, or pay.

If you are a young people who is teenage or 20s, you may probably like the solo talk show by WangZiJian ( again, you should see the AD before every episode, I personally do not se this show, but it is popular among young people.

The last one is actually a really good one by GaoXiaoSong, although he is not kind of handsome, I have to say he is a genius for literacy, literary and art, and also he is an interesting man, just from the aspect of quality of the show, he is better than WangZiJian’s, and the topic from him is also broad. check it out here (!2~5~5~A). To be honest, I don’t like him, and just saw little of his episode, because he is always bragging himself with or without being awareness, kind of high and mighty I feel about him.(But I also have to say he has that capital to do so)

All the aforementioned, whatever you like or not, at least they usually don’t tell a lie, and all the point from them, wrong or right, it is truly themselves.

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