Talk Show II

After my favorite talk show QiangQiang ( was shut down by authority, I have been looking for an alternative all the time, but actually I can’t find a perfect one as much as I like the QiangQiang, but during the time I do found some interesting show or interview, which I would like to share with you here.

In fact during the course I dig into the alternatives, I shifted my focus from the show to the person or the host, although some of the shows are pretty awful, but I am attracted by some individual host or guest.

Here is the most popular host since 2017 in China


He is a writer, and the founder of the OWSPACE( book store, which is considered as the contemporary independent representative in the intellectual world. Like lots of writer, he can not get along with the real world or the reality world, criticize the reality and politics, finally, in 2014, the authority banned all his new publications in China.

He opened a Internet TV program to interview some public figures since 2016, obviously he is not a sophisticated interviewer, sometimes, stuck by the guest’s answer. But I like this non mainstream interview, especially for some guests I am interested in also.

I tried to add a English subtitle to a trailer footage, which show a interview between him and Madong, who is the famous host of U Can U BiBi (a debate show).

Notes: Please be aware that this conversation is kind of abstract and philosophized,it require medium above mandarin language level to follow, you don’t have to be frustrated if you can not follow, it’s hard for me in some way.



As I mentioned above, Madong is the man I got more interested in the individual than his show, in fact he had claimed in the interview with XuZhiYuan, that, his show is not for people born before 1990s, so obviously I am not the targeting audience of his show.

He is a successful business man indeed, and he know exactly what or who he is doing for, although I don’t like his show, I respect him very much.


I mentioned him previously(, he is the mentor in the U Can U BiBi, companied with host MaDong. Actually I would give more credit to his own talk show, even thought he brag himself very often in his show, he is not so much annoying, given the fact that he is the 2nd generation of a powerful and rich family, and he got a knowledgable brain.


I mentioned him in a separated article (, and to write this article, I spent whole 6 hours on weekend on watching a interview ( of him by another Mr.Luo. who I will discuss him later. I confirmed what I thought about him previously, he throw himself thoroughly to a business man, yet not a respectful one like Madong, but a phoney one. I would like him more if he could keep silence in public, and just focus on his Smartisan phone, in fact, I do think his product is a quality level product.


He is famous especially among young people in China, and is the founder of a phenomenal company ‘Logical Thinking’, selling all kind of knowledge and inspirational story. Many my friends recommend his show to me years ago, including my former boss, but I aways hold some dim view for anyone who made enormous success in commercial in a very short time in China, so I never saw any of his show, till 2018, I spent some time on his typical show and dig into him recently, it turned out he is just a ugly business man, even a phoney, who hide behind the knowledge to sell his product, well, selling is no sin here, but when I was watching his show, what come to me most is the propaganda and brainwash, just in a inspirational and subtle way. So it’s poisonous and creating delusion.
Here is his youtube channel

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