Story of Earphone I

In 1997, when someone knocked the door of my dorm, I was settling myself on the bunk bed, then a young man or lady, I don’t remember correctly stuck in his or her head, saying, you wanna a earphone? I said no before I can realize what does this mean. After some times, when I was fitting in the college life, I got to know, they are peddling some small stuff to the new customers or freshman who hasn’t got the skill of bargaining. So they can earn a lot than selling them to the senior student.

Before I went to college, I barely use earphone, what all I know about the earphone is a simple earphone with only one earplug (No stereo) used by my dad for tuning the radio, So I never think the earphone would be a daily life product, like fork, or spoon. It is the college life that make me realize the important of earphone, because I shared a dorm with others 7 guys, and we got no TV, no computer,no girls as well, at that time, the most asset we all got is the radio, I don’t remember what is the exact time I bought a radio, all I know is this is the only thing we can have some fun via, and when you listen to it, you have to use a earphone to not bother others.

The first earphone I bought soon cost me about 10 or 20 RMB, which is equal to two days food expense at that time, but today I think I was fool by the seller, the earphone was worth at most 3-5 RMB. Anyway, I like my first earphone a lot as it is my first own asset since I left home. It accompany with me for years until it broke and stopped working entirely. In the mean time, when, once a time, I left my seat in classroom to have a supper , I, as usual left my bag one the seat to take the spot, you know, sometimes student would use some old book to take the spot and I always think it is too informal to claim the territory, so I always use my bag. but this time, when I returned , I found my walkman gone, left the earphone there only. This is the first time when I realize there are one of the career named thief. I was upsetting, the walkman means something to me as it was technically not mine, and also the lost walkman lead to some following trouble, which at last I have to make a compensation for it by myself. Anyway, I did not lost the earphone fortunately , probably the thief think it a close body part, and not health to use.

And for years, the earphone then fade out from my life, after I graduated, I got a job and rented an apartment with other two good friends, I have a separated room myself, so I don’t need earphone any more. And also that the widest lifetime for me at that time, we go to bar, night club, having sex with girls, hang on, it’s not me, only my other friends, so sad for me? huh?I don’t know what I was thinking at that time, seems I figured I can not handle all the mess then.

After three years, I decided to end this kind of mess life, and find another challenging job as I can not do anything new in my current position. So I sent several resume randomly and get feedback soon, sometimes, I would think, the time I decided to find myself another job is the dawn of internet industry boosting in 2003, if I happened to join one of the domestic startup at time time, would my life be changed a lot? I have no idea, anyway I do have my shine moment with my team during the time before the 2008 crisis, but from the insight of today, the elite team just got on a sinking boat, helping a mediocre captain who is, in general, a villain role in this life show.

It is the time, the earphone came back to my life, more specifically, to my daily work, even in some way hurt my auditory apparatus a little.


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