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What happened to the Rybbaby (Honghuanglan) kindergarten in Beijing, China?

As a father of 5 years daughter, I am feeling twisted, entangled with this shocking news, I’ve been thought to write something about this after the news running for some time in its own way, when most people calm down to think about what really we can do to prevent this happening again and again. Since you asked, I will talk a little based on the current news from press.

I have a close friend who exactly send her daughter to RYB kindergarten, and just in the classroom near the very class with child abuse happening, That class is so called international class, meaning it would be the top expensive one among all the class,it is said, but not confirmed or convicted, the kindergarten teachers use needle to punish the naughty children in the class by stabbing their armpit, where it is hard for their parents to notice, also force some children to take sleeping pill when they stay awake in the noon nap time. there are also some awful rumors swirling around, but I will not address it at this time.

My friend just took his daughter to hospital to have body checked, turn out to be no clear needle wounded, for now, just waiting for the result of blooding testing. For god sake, his daughter did not go to that class at that time just because they are short of money then. But this still make my friend in furious and helpless, which is strong empathetic feeling to me.

The aforementioned is the fact I know, here is some background knowledge for you to have a full picture for this.

RYB kindergarten is an IPO company in US, and rapidly expanded across China over years, and like all the new industry which is out of radar from government regulation and supervision, kindergarten education would be a good business as the economic boosting of China, but the qualification for teachers and industry regulation is far behind the reality, we can not blame a company to pursue the maximum benefit, but everything got a bottom line which,in this case, is the security of our children, if you cross the line, the government or authority should or must be standing up for the right of the children. But the fact is someone broke the rule, no one get punishment until it outburst in some way. In this case, some parent notice the wounded on their children’s arm, and calling the police for help brought all this up.

Since this ugly thing exposed and draw a dramatic attention from the public, I think one way or anther, the suspect person will got severe punishment at this time even outside the current law framework , but what I do want to see is the coming legislation and implementation without any shadow areas, once the faith or trust is broken, it will take a long long time to recover, especially in today’s China.

PS. You know, if I can see some bright side from this, that would be the central authority are no longer try to cover this kind of news from public anymore, and response promptly anyway. From this point of view, it is not a bad thing for all the children in the kindergarten, even in school, because school bullying is still there for years, and not optimistic currently.

PS. After the investigation or the proceeding, I will come back to correct the expression here for accuracy.

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