I am not a smoker, so smoking usually did not come into my mind. But as one forth population in China is smoking, I think that would be better for me to talk a little.

Some statistic shows that China is the largest cigarette producing and consuming country in the world, above one forth population are smoker, rural area have more ratio than urban area, 90% smoker are male. less than 10% can successfully quit cigarette in their life time.

So in general, if you are a smoker, China is a good place for you to stay, BUT, in first tie city, such as Beijing, Shanghai, smoking ban regulation tend to be implementing more strict than in other areas, especially in Beijing, any building generally with a roof would be the restricted area for smoking, you have to step outside the building for this hobby, and no more smoking room allowed inside the building based on the law, so you will not see the smoking room at T3 airport any more since 2015.

I am not here to say the harm that smoking will do to you, but a guideline for those who want to find a comfortable place to smoke at, without offense to the others around you. (Things are different in China sometimes, about the personal comfort zone)

  • Hotel (above 4 start, chain hotel) is definitely no smoking anywhere, if you do that in your room, a fine (eg. 3000RMB /$450)will be charged for cleaning up when you check out. So in hotel, no way to walk around.
  • In your own apartment, definitely, you can, unless you have agreement with you landlord, but in practice, no one will add no smoking term in renting contract, because it’s hard to check.
  • Restaurant, it depends, within the law boundary, all the restaurant is smoking ban, but in practice, some people do smoke in some BBQ restaurant and hotpot restaurant, the waitress usually would not reminder you for this. The worse scene you should bear with for this would be some glaring at you from others.Seldom someone would talk up to against you. BUT, if they did, you’d better keep obscure and put out the cigarette, Chinese in Beijing got more chance to get physical when arguing, complete different way for ShangHai people, who just argue for nothing(Grin emoji).

In upscale restaurant or luxury one waitress usually would clearly reminder you not smoke there, which would disturb others. So if you have to, just step outside to smoke.

You can not smoke in any of international chain store such MacDonald or KFC, Starbucks.. (The list will go on…)

  • In the park, campus, usually there are sign for no smoking, but usually no one will stop you if you smoke, actually I think there would be fire risk there, so you’d better not.
  • In the street, it’s just a etiquette problem, I kind of think it is dispirited for someone to smoke when walking, and also it will still bother someone around you, BUT as a matter of fact, most people smoke when walking in the street, so, if you like it, you can do that without problem. Just be careful the cigarette end should be dropped in the trash can.
  • In you sedan, which I almost forgot , I always think sticking out your arm out of windows to clean cigarette ash is risky for driving, and also it will have negative influence for the value as the used car, but it’s still your private space, where you can enjoy yourself.

You can find all kinds of cigarettes brand in cigarette store, common international brand from my limited tobacco knowledge , such as Marlboro,triple 5, Hilton, is not hard to find, in general western cigarette is stronger than the local brand such as famous, ZhōngNánHaǐ(中南海) HóngTǎShān (红塔山) BaíShā(白沙), you can try it out.

It is said that the counterfeit cigarette is not rare here, but you can buy the cigarette from formal supermarket counter for quality guarantee.

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