Smog II

After China lunar new year, this winter is about to go aways, what made me surprised most in this winter is I barely feel the severe smog, I got rhinitis for years, and I am very sensitive to the air pollution. But in recent three month, very few severe smog happened, I can see the sunshine again.

This is a good news for the resident in Beijing, I can clearly remember that, just half year ago, I can see the smog ( everyday, and I would have expected the worse pollution in the coming winter because of the coal burning warm way in northern China. When I recall the last two winter, there were smog red alert issued, meaning the toxic air would do harm to you badly and government would force manufacturer to stop running and half of car were prohibit to drive on the road.

Many of my colleges or friends have bought apartments or houses in another city of southern China, choose to move their family temporary to avoid smog when coming to winter, and come back to Beijing when the spring come. But for most people, for any kind of reason including me have to stay in Beijing all the time, suffering from the pollution.

So I have a good time in this winter, but I also know, the cost is pretty high and brutal, or not humane, thousands of poor people living in Beijing with coal heating warmer way was forced to stop burning coal, leaving them cold in winter, even in some primary school. Also, a lot of manufacturer around Beijing was forced to shutdown or move out of Beijing, and some low-wage people population was kicked out in the name of security.

What I think ironic is when I criticize the behavior of authority, I am, at the same time, the beneficiary from this.

Notes: Featured image is from here under CC0 Creative Commons

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