Sleeping Queens – The Board Game

As I talked about the chess board game yesterday, I would like to continue this topic for a while, even though China have the largest user or player base, the board game market or ecosystem is far behind the traditional Europe and US, and we do not have much commercialized Chinese IP(Intellectual Property ) under development on board game, if you want a good one or up to date one, you have to go for the English world.

The fist typical board game I played is the famous Monopoly, I am not sure if it is an official one or an imitation one, but it does let me aware that we can even play game like that, instead of mud playing and hide and seek.

From my point of view today, board game came from the party culture, which is different with Chinese culture , I would say the gala culture, we usually don’t care much about the participation or immersion for the audience  , it’s not a problem for most silence people, you know, it is not just in China, I think the Japanese people is kind of like the Chinese in the matter of silence.

As today mobile phone game rules the gaming world and the the fragile time of young people, even less people care much about the board game, which is in practice not handy and exciting, it’s hard for people to gathering now, so the boarding game market, I think, turn to the education and kids market, some parents like me would spend some time on playing the board game with our child as a part of invisible learning program. For me, I tried several board game so far, most of them are basically abandon within one weeks, because the focusing time for child is limited, and drawing their attention for a long time is hard.  Till now, only one exception, which has been played for month, the The Sleeping Queens.

It’s a very simple but versatile poker game invented by a six-year-old girl, Miranda Evarts from Israel(?) when she can not fall into sleep, which kind of reminder me the invention of the Periodic Table of Elements by Dmitri Mendeleev ( when he had a dream.  So, relax is such a important thing for innovation!

What is intriguing, I think, the first one, it have the queens element, which is kind of link to the Disney culture, the knight, king and magic sceptre and dragon.  Our children have been already filled with lot of Disney culture since born. Another reason is the beauty painting, I bought an official limited edition one, the the poker card is tucked in a beauty iron box.($10), all the queen’s painting is amazing, I, as an adult, also love it.

Instead of the benefit for my child, it also have the expected element from me for education, the simple math, simple gaming theory (, This is just  what I want.

PS. I just saw the kick-ass movie Ready Player One( ) by my favorite director Steven Spielberg, it is a really awesome one, there are lot of board game elements out there, such as Dungeons & Dragons in the movie, if I have time next time, I will talk about it.

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