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This is a notice about my update, recently I would alter the update frequency of the website, to update the website also bring me a lot of new ideas for my life, but in the mean time, time management became more critical for me, given the fact that I have to struggle with my eye strain problem. so currently I decide to lower the frequency of the update to one or two times per week, which would give myself more time to think and work out some high quality level article, instead of daily routine.
furthermore, summer is coming, I should spend much more time on the nature and doing some work out, and the coming real estate process is also time consuming, but I can’t tell more in detail at this time, but it is quite a challenge for me.

Actually I have been thinking to invite some of my friends to share their value and insight here but it is still under discussion and no concrete progress.

To reorganise all the article and optimise the technical infrastructure is still undergoing, yet it takes considerable times.

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