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It will take 5-10 mins to read this article and this is about the shopping for suit,dress,etc,

If you would stay in China for a while, let’s say more than half a year, then you may consider get yourself some new suit, shoes etc. Here, I will talk about some outlet store in Beijing which you may feel comfortable or familiar when go shopping.

If you are tired or sick of the haggling or bargain in some traditional (foreigner)market for some counterfeit and shoddy(not all maybe) product, also you are not a prodigal guy or lady who will spend lots of money in CBD(Center business District, near east of 3th Ring, more about traffic ) , you should know 3 outlet store in Beijing.

2 of them are in town and 1 is in the north of beijing which is near the Great Wall. see the Map

you can find all your favorite international brands there, upscale to luxury, all are at a deep discount, if you got luck, you may find some luxury brand to be at a unbelievable discount of 10% for out of season, please check out their website for brand.

You do NOT need bargain here, enjoy your shopping.
Reminder, do NOT buy luxury bags(Chanel 2.55 handbag etc) here, even in any rest of China, it is still far more expensive than the price in Hong kong, Europe, or South Africa.

BADALING outlets brand
This outlet is the newest one, and should be the most recommended. but to get there, you should take the shuttle bus or drive by yourself for 30min-1hour depending on your location and the traffic.

Check out the photo there


Shuttle bus schedule

SCITECH Outlets brand

YANSHA OutLet brand

These Two Outlet is older and the YANSHA Outlets is the oldest, generally speaking, the newer is the better in overall shopping experience, but these two outlets is just in town, you can take taxi or subway to get there conveniently.

BTW, There is another good outlets 100KM far from beijing, named Wuqing Outlet, technically it is not in Beijing, but you can take only 30min train from Beijing South railway station to get there, even faster than to BADALING Outlets sometimes.

this is the only outlet who have english website, check it out.

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