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You have to admit we can not live without searching engine when surfing the internet, so do I, this is a short technical article for those who come to China, when they need the search engine for their business or personal interest.

In general, you can’t use in China, you have to find a alternative one.

The top one for replacement is, and recently added the international entrance for better their English searching result. In most time, for a quick and simple search, I used as well, I don’t have to go tunnel for . So if you are a short term visitor, is the only way to go. Just a reminder for bing, it is censored mandatory with porn and politics sensitive information.

Regarding of, actually I won’t recommend any of searching engine from Chinese company, because all of them have malicious behavior in history, even for now, most of mandarin searching result will be topped with scam medicine commercial. Not to say the infringement for copyright article, novel. I can’t always blame the people who running the shady business given the legislation is far behind the reality and short of enforcement.

Just like I mentioned in this article(, most of the ISP are also hijacking your networking, I am sure searching engine for mandarin would violate my privacy in some way, actually, as a technician, I don’t care about the leaking of my privacy indeed, given the reality in general, but if I can’t get a useful information from a mandarin searching engine, especially for IT technical information, is completely useless for me. Even for gossip information, google would give a more solid searching result in the first page.

I won’t address all the complicated reason behind all this, all I want here is to give you some tips for information searching in China.

  • If your corporation offer you some kind of internal tunnel service for you, that’s good for you.
  • Use like I just said, even the mandarin as the key word.
  • I don’t think the slogan of baidu’s commercial “knows better for Chinese” is true, you can got most of effective mandarin information from
  • If you have to use in some case, be careful the searching result, the top one may not the official targeting result. And sometimes could lead you to some malicious website without kind of warning like firefox/google did sometimes for me.
  • If you are searching something to download, unless you know the local website well, you should absolutely download it from a english website(in general, less risking). most of the downloaded file for me some years ago in local website contained some kind of malicious code. I only got a fuzzy knowledge for all the reason behind this shady business which could lead kind of automatic fake click to scam online commercial payer.

Some other alternative searching tool

  • Do you still remember the dying yahoo searching? indeed, it works in China,
  • (I did use it, but I tried, seem not bad)
  • A special one: you can search all the mandarin key word in just like you did in

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