Safe? ShangHai Van Crash

Is living in China safe?

Recently I notice that this shocking news ( in Shanghai downtown last Fri. At least 18 people was injured in this accident, fortunately no one died. And the authority have indicated this was a accident and restrict the discussion on the Internet soon.

This may be raising the safety problem in China, which probably most visitor are concerned about, I will talk about this a little.

In general, China is an extremely safety place for visitor, especially for the violence crime, and here is some special circumstance,

Terrorism attack.

It’s very rare in first tie city such as Beijing, Shanghai, it did happened some years ago, and it became more and more difficult for terrorist to plan and implement attack in large city because of the extremely strict security check in all public places, especially in landscape, station, and airport, you can barely find trashcan in railway station, why? because it can be used to put dynamite equipment. All subway station would have you and luggages passed through the x-ray machine, when some important event or conference coming, you would expect more than 1 hour line up to enter the subway station in rush hour.

So by abandoning some of our privacy, Beijing is really a safety place, even for ladies to walk on the street in the midnight , especial within 4th ring road areas.

I can pinpoint where the terrorist come from, but from the history perspective, most suspect is coming from Xinjiang province. So if you are traveling in Xinjiang, you should probably pay more attention to your safety, especially in the south of Xinjiang, because most Han ethnic type live in northern Xinjing, where is relatively safe. Also please don’t be intimidated by this information, Xinjiang is still a beautiful and peaceful place in general to have a trip, just be aware of the potential ethnic problem.

Traffic accident

If I remember correctly, China have the top one traffic accident rate in the world, it is way too close to you than the terrorism, I have talked about this lots of times, traffic rule violation is very common in China, so try to hire a sophisticated or trusted driver if you would go somewhere by car or van. And when you are walking on the street, you should also pay more attention to the vehicle around you, not just the car,truck or bus, also the electric bicycle, last month, one of my relatives broke the bone of her fingers when a electric bicycle(Food deliver guy) hit her and run away. There is no license number kind thing to track the bicycle.

So this really matters when you are in China, don’t be angry, peoples in China still need time and legislation progress to make the traffic etiquette better as most people just start to driver in the latest 10 years. Just don’t be the victim.

Scam and cheating

Actually although scam is also common in China especially when you purchasing something, I don’t think it’s a big deal for safety , if you decide not to continue the deal, just leave, no one would force you. So basically you are safe in physical even the scam is very annoying. but one thing you should pay more attention, which is the counterfeit money (

Firearms and bomb

As China is strictly prohibit personally own of any arm force, you would not expect any gun fire on the street, and even when you buy a knife in supermarket, you should be also asked for identity. So no gun, no bomb here.

In short, Traveling or working in China is safe in most cities, you just need to pay attention to the traffic accident, if you are still sensitive about the safety, just leave the place where more related to the politics , I always think the landscape of TianAnMen square is not a good place to hang out, although there are bunch of polices or swat team standing by there all the time.

Too closing to the power is intriguing but dangerous.

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