This is a short comments about Respect I wrote in Chinese, well, I found it may be useful to some mandarin learner(not a beginner in practice ), so I translated it into English.   

Have fun!

关于尊重这个词语,应该是从近代中国五四运动后随着西方文明思想进入中国后才慢慢被中国人接受的,但实际上,即使今天,这个词也没有融入到中国人的血液中,中国人更强调礼仪,  我想起这个问题并不是要批评中国人,而是从文化源头来讨论这种区别,当然,我不可能讨论的很深刻或者很学术,只是一点点感受而已。

Speaking of respect, probably it was accepted only after the May Fourth Movement in 1919 with the influence of the modern western civilization,  actually, even nowadays, this particular word is still not in the part of ordinary Chinese people’s life, instead,  in favor of the etiquette,  Why I brought this up does not have the intention to judge Chinese people, while discussing the difference from the perspective of the source of culture, obviously I am not able to discuss it deeply or in a academic way, rather than a little feeling about it.


Respect individual and collectivism is one of the fundamental disagrees from the point of thinking the world. Respecting individual basically means the right of individual is supreme in some way, yet, collectivism would choose to scarify an individual if it is necessary to achieve a common goal, thought the particular individual is an innocent one without obvious mistake.


For the society movement perspective, I can’t say which one is better, but in modern society, most people have the attempt of individual respect, protect the individual right. Actually , respecting individual, property protection, is the cornerstone of the prosperity of modern commercial society, while collectivism usually became crony capitalism within limited power people, which is oligarchy, in term of power balance, it alway a nightmare for ordinary people.

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