Remedy for Constipation

Health for your bowel

Sorry guys if you are in dinner time, the topic I will talk about may be uncomfortable to you, I happened to see a topic from which I have long time personal experience in my life, so I want to share some of my way to handle this.

This is not a prescription for constipation emergency , just more of a healthy way for life and keep you away from constipation as far as possible, and indeed it worked on all my family member for years.

In a general way, people would say fiber is important, yes, it surely do, just like lots of right thing or right way people are supposed to do, but they don’t for different reasons, we can’t call it lazy simply, because that’s against human natural, we all like tasty food, not the most of distasteful fiber food- oatmeal, celery, broccoli, especially for children. I am also feeling hard to keep eating the blending yoghurt and oatmeal for only days. Also most of my family members don’t even touch any of oatmeal, which are not considered as a food. But they all have the stool problem since the young age, they often get constipated for a week, and take some pill to get them out, I have to say most of the reason behind this is because their food habit, they love meal so much, and hate every vegetable. So don’t even try to persuade them to eat some oatmeal, they’d rather take pill than eat oatmeal kind of food.

Dozen of years ago, I’ve tried to cook some haw soup for them to take some every day, haw is a magic food, you can also call it a snack, because it can be processed to kinds of famous snacks, such as sugarcoated haws, surely the haw is full of health fiber, as well as vitamin C, which both keep you from heart attacking, and the haw soup way is originally coming from my Meemaw (BTW, I heard this word from ‘Young sheldon’), who started to cook haw soup for herself since her earlier 40s and stick to it for more than 10 years, coupled with wine everyday and some other reasons I can not pry into successfully, she passed away at her 94 years old with no obvious symptoms. I can not say haws is the reason, but it is definite a good element.

Backing to me, this way is good in some way, and but there is a problem for myself, I have to spend 45min to cook the soup everyday, which is really hard for me to keep doing this, even I love my family so much, sometimes I got hectic also. So after couple months, I quit this, but I am still seeking a suitable way for this family issue.

About 8-10 years ago, I can’t remember exactly how I start it really, I start off to try the lemon and bee honey combination for drinking, long story short, I found a good honey product and quality level fresh lemon, you know, lemon is not so popular among Chinese people, Lemon is usually appeared in the western food restaurant, not the usual Chinese kitchen, and not all the supermarket offer the fresh lemon indeed. With this combination, every morning, I will spend 3 min to chop 2 slice of lemon and put honey and the 2 slice into a cup with 30-50 Celsius degree water (microwave can help to heat the water when you chop the lemon), then, before we go out for working, we all take a cup of the lemon honey water, and this just last almost 10 years till now, and all the constipation issue go away, actually I can’t figure out the exact time the problem vanished, but I am pretty sure, this lemon honey water help a lot with this.

So If you got this problem, my experience may be a good reference to you, every one love the lemon honey water, it is tasty for most people, and help you with every day’s vitamin C and nutritious honey water for necessary morning bowel movement , most importantly, it is very handy, just stick to it, constipation goes away.

PS. Just stay away from the poor quality honey with too much sugar and supplement stuff, I tried most above averaged honey product during years(I barely use the imported honey product), and the bottle in the featured image is the most popular and quality product in the market, but it is a little bit expensive compared to others( (100RMB/1kg), and you can get the imported lemon product in BHG supermarket, averaged price will be 5-8RMB/one

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