Real Estate Part IV

This is technically a diary for current real estate market in Beijing.

As the the transaction price dropped dramatically compared with quotation price of the real estate in Beijing, the market became active right before the coming spring festival, so I got more potential buyer for my apartment indeed.

But I got kind of anxiety for this, as the market goes down, actually I can not do more for promotion when I discussed with my agent, currently most buyer would hold their money to wait and see, unless certain trigger things emerge to push them forward, but it is also worrisome for me because the trigger thing may also do harm to myself,AKA, the seller.

If I lose too much money on this deal than I expected, I would got into problem for the next following deal, which basically close depends on the amount of the money I gained from the first deal. so the best practice is to gather both of my buyer and seller to sign contract simultaneously, therefore I could  against the market fluctuation. I will manage to achieve that strategy but it is really hard in practicing.

Most people potentially worry about the market would be turning up, which is a good news for me, but in fact my insight for this is opposite, I think the market would steadily go down until to reach a balance between buyer and seller, no one would like to see the collapse  of the real estate market, neither do the government.

Off the topic

If you have enough free money, and was qualified to buy apartment or house in Beijing, I think it’s a relatively good time to enter into this market, got the bottom price within 4th Ring road, which would alway a good investment.

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