Ready Player One (no spoilers)

As I mentioned in my last post (Sleeping Queens), I am really excited about the new movie Ready Player One. So, I will talk about it a little.

When I stepped outside the cinema, I have to think, if the CEO of Tencent(The largest Gaming, social, and.. lots of largest titled company in China ) saw this movie, will he be feeling uncomfortable when one of the plot directly satirize the Platinum,Golden,Silver and Bronze membership gaming strategy, as via this strategy, Tencent’s gaming revenue for 2017 was bigger than Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Take-Two combined. (

Steven Spielberg is quite a genius, he adapt the novel to a really simple and main stream value story, but in a natural way, not a show off way, I think, like all other super hero movie (, every audience can find their beloved movie,novel, amine character, even backing to the Atari console game in 1980s. All people born in 1970s and 1980s have the memory of that age, also Atari make me firstly realize what is the TV game, I can also remember the popular game Police and Thief which a cache me if you can story in a 3 floor building. I searched google to find the screen grab from this site( , but at that time, I didn’t see the color version, because all I can see is the black-white TV, well, this is the first time I found it is a colored game. And when the colored TV is spreading everywhere, Nintendo(FC) just dominated the market in China.

Figure: I played several times this game, rapidly exhausting all my limited pocket money at that time.

I think Steven Spielberg want to convey a message to all the players, even though this movie is a hilarious party for all the game players, which is the real world life is better. And is technically this move is also about a super hero story, one man or child save the world from the evil empire, which is not gonna happen in the real world, ironic?

This movie is a PG-13 movie, so the imported version in China would not be cut in general, so seeing the movie in the cinema is the best choice, and I paid about 12$ for a IMAX screen.

Mandarin time

Actually the translation for the name in Chinese sucks, it is “头号玩家”,literally means “top one player”, it is far from the original meaning of the ready player one, which means the first screen of a game launched, especially in old game console such FC, to wait for the “start” by the player between Player one or Player two.

My favorite scene in the movie is the thumb up in the lava which touch me a lot from the governor Terminator 2, it is the first real movie I have ever seen in my life. That’s why I put the iron robot scene as the featured image. (Does the screen grab of movie from the internet violate the copyright?)

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