Railway Station

Railway station always means something to me differently, like A Tale of two cities, the novel of Dickens, my life is tightly bounded with Beǐjīng, Tiānjīn, one is where I born in, one is where I live in. For a long time, I took train back and forth between this two cities every week. Backing that time, the railway networking is far more less efficient than today, there is no high speed train, I had to spent almost 2hours to arrive another city, yet 30mins today, and more high speed trains had moved to southern railway stations from old Beijing railway station and southern railway station is one of the most sophisticated, biggest railway station in Asia , for most visitors to Beijing , you should known more about it.


You know, I don’t know why there is not a single seat in the arrival level, you have to go into any of the restaurant to have a rest. The intention is way too disgraceful.

The photos were taken in the arrival level, you can find all your favorite chain store here, but be careful to use chain store as a rendezvous or rally point, there are at least 3 MacDonald /KFC /Starbuck each in the same level, just use the gate number as your rendezvous.



  • The station closed up at 24:00 everyday, no training arrive southern railway station in early morning. and all start off training depart after 5:00AM, so you can not stay up all night there, like in an airport or Beijing Railway station (the old one)
  • With luggage, driving there or taking taxi (DiDI) is always a good choice, the parking slot is enough except afternoon time, when most of high speed training arrive.
  • Without luggage or just a backpack, subway is convenient, you can exchange your train seamless in the station.
  • Try to buy the ticket online or via APP (https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/铁路12306/id564818797?mt=8), and print the ticket by yourself on the self service terminal at station, for native people, they can even use their ID card to check in without ticket.
  • if you are companied with a child, you can line up in the express lane to get on the train firstly, please be relax when some people cut the line, because some people did it on purpose, some people are not aware of it,  too crowded sometimes.
  • Before any public holiday, especially spring festival, national day, you have to buy the ticket weeks before(Plan is important ), and also to get there before at least 2 hours, because traffic around there sucks (subway is good during this time)and too many people in the line for security check.


All Railway station in Beijing

Beijing Railway Station:Traditional passenger transportation train

Beijing western Railway Station : Traditional passenger transportation train and freight transportation

Beijing Southern Railway Station : High speed train for passenger transportation

Beijing Northern Railway Station : Suburb train for traveling, short journey, such as going to the Great Wall.

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