Well, last time I talked about a beauty product(http://www.beijinghangout.com/tresor-rare/), which, this time, reminds me of a scam of cosmetology in China, the scam follow the scheme which is, a complicated, but well known and high tech concept at first, then some scientists, most of whom probably come from Europe or US, successfully developed a technique based on the concept, finally the technology have ported to China for Chinese consumers. If all this doesn’t sound familiar to you, I will show you a example from the recent news.

The recent high tech concept I heard is the Quantum something, such quantum cosmetology, quantum drugs(a suspicious example: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r. ), quantum sun protection window film for car, when the concept quantum comes in, the price can be rising dramatically, obviously all those scientists are just foreign actors, they got nothing to do with the quantum in fact, some of them is just another marketing campaign for their old product, the others are completely scam for easy money.

Most people don’t really know what the quantum is about, or some one would just think it kind of small particle, if you really want to know it in general, I would recommend some books, here, In short, it is simply an effect of substance when in microcosmic, which dramatically have conflict with the classic physical theory. Actually, as I know, till today, human can just make use of some of the quantum effect result to boost technology but still have no idea of the “Why”, and still can not united a theory to explain all the effect at the same time both in microcosmic and macroscopic scale. it blurs our perception of the substance and energy, time and space, well, I am talking too much as I am a fun of the quantum theory, backing to the books.

This is actually the first book I have read about the quantum, it is just the history of quantum, but written in a casual way, no much technical threshold for reading. Most importantly, it is very interesting, if you have the basic physics knowledge (high school level), you can read it without any problem.

I am not sure if this book have the English publication, here is the mandarin version.

This book is a popular one which I have read the Chinese version, here is the english version. This book is not as easy to read as the above one, it expand the theory to mind, computer science etc. But still, it is easy to read.

A Brief History of Time

This one is a well known book written by Stephen Hawking, I won’t say too much about it

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