QuanJuDe roast duck restaurant

It’s been a long time since I went there last time, maybe years. As a native one, I would rather choose a less luxury one, such as BianYiFang roast duck.

as QuanJude is the one of the famous restaurants in Beijing, most people who arrive beijing the first time would go there for dinner, so even in working day evening(Mon.-Fri.), you have to make a reservation, and if you request a private room, then you should make the reservation before two day at least.

In general, the whole experience is good, better than most of traditional Chinese restaurant, this (Olympic )restaurant looks pretty new, even it has opened for years, The food is always delicious, especially for the roast duck and the fish which typically represent the chinese cuisine flavor, but as a foreign visitor,  I don’t think you would like most of visceral food, such as heart,  yet , actually as I know, some visitors do like the liver food of the duck.

Taking about the price, approximately 250RMB/per one($38/per one), it’s really a little bit luxury for the native people, and is just fine for a decent business dinner or formal family dinner party. BTW, they will charge an additional service fee off your total expense, 15% for the private room and 10% for the dining hall in lobby, just take it as a chinese tips, but not goes to the waiter’s pocket instead, it’s unfair institutionally, right?

So regarding of the service, I have to say it’s just fine given the this kind of luxury restaurant and the extra service charge, the waitress usually serve couples of tables, and is often out of hands, also there is no experienced old waiter and waitress in the first line to serve, they are all young people, who maybe just in business for a very short time. I am not blaming this restaurant, the industry all goes this way at this point.Few exception with extraordinary service , like hotpot HaiDiLao )

As I mentioned in the previous article, if you go to Quanjude, Do NOT go to the franchise restaurant, just this kind of direct sales/ management restaurant, which have overall better quality control of their food and service.

Enjoy your roast duck dinner!

Figure:The Storefront of Olympic Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant

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