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Medical service that matter

Medical service is the hell for most of Chinese people, to be fair, to all the people around the world, we all know even in US, the last medical care (Obama Care) can not make every one happy, not to mention the new replacement by Trump administration.

All first grade hospital is crowded everyday, a doctor would see 30-40 patients everyday, so they are under great stress, on the other hands, patent either go to hospital in very earlier morning (3:00AM or 4:00AM) or make reservation online for at least one or two week later to see the doctor, especially for severe and uncommon disease.

There is an alternative, like in all other country, the private hospital which is extremely expensive for most of the people, but in some special or time critical case, I would rather choose to go private hospital. Also for all visitor who are not familiar with the public medical service in China, private hospital is an alternative choice.

I will give you a real example to let you be aware of the price and service in a children hospital.

Originally I went to the public hospital for prescribing some medicine to cure the flu of my daughter in the afternoon (1PM), but when I got there, I found all Paediatrics doctor has reached their capability limitation and I have to come back tomorrow morning, or I can wait here till 4:30PM when the emergency room for children opened, because of the fever, I do not want to wait, so I go to the private hospital where my daughter born.

After I called them for a instant reservation, I went there and see the doctor soon, also with all the testing(blood,saliva etc), the doctor prescribe the medicine and then, I go back home, it is very efficient.

Some cost for your reference

For a Flu symptom

Reception Cost 700RMB ($105), Usually in public hospital, 20RMB ($3)
Testing Cost 1200RMB ($180), Usually in public hospital, 100RMB ($15)
Pharmacy Cost 500RMB ($75), Usually in public hospital, 300RMB ($45)
Total: 2400 RMB ($360), Usually in public hospital, 420 RMB ($63)

It is 5.7 times expensive in private hospital

Another example:For giving a birth

Total package in private hospital would be 50000- 100000 RMB ($7,500-15,000) depends on the different private hospital , while it would cost you less than 10000RMB($1500) in public hospital, but with really bad service for the pregnancy lady(even the hell, no painless labor in most hospital, can you believe that? ).

This one is the top in Beijing even in China

If you want your insurance cover this kind of hospital across China, you have to pay average RMB 20000($3000) insurance fee every year, to be honestly I really put a lot of thought into it once, but I figure it is too expensive finally and let it go …

Well, it is simple, good service would cost you more.

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