Personality of Chinese people I

No offense to any one, just take it as a joke.

People from northern east

Northern east China is the coldest place in China, and close to Russia and north Korea, people there are not very diligent probably because of the climate, and comedy show is very popular among peoples, and via the spread of the comedy show across China, the accent of northern east people is widely known and accepted in general. Another interesting thing about the people there is it is very easy for the northern east people to get into physical on the street even for some minor conflict or argument, not much talking, just go into fighting. So don’t piss them off, otherwise you got much possibility to get into fighting.

It has been a rumor around for many years, telling no investment should be put into there, therefore unemployment rate is pretty high in this area, the traditional industry stagnated over years, no sign of revival as far as I can see. So the crime, gang is ridden in some way (Actually it is still low violent crime area compare to the other world, so don’t worry about that too much).

People from ShangHai
As mentioned above, the people from northern east is easy to get into physical, I have to follow by the opposite people from Shanghai, it is very easy and common to see two Shanghai people argue with something and quarrel with each other very loudly on the street, But you would never see them get into physical, even they have taken half an hour to quarrel, it is weird and funny in some way, but it is true.

Shanghai people also discriminate all people except from their own place, calling them the farmer, I don’t know why, but it is true, and the discrimination is hidden beneath their polite. also Shanghai have their unique dialect which I can not understand a single word, this is a natural barrier to separate the none native shanghai people.

When you are doing business with shanghai people, they would argue with you in such a detail thing and try to gain every single coin from you, but once you both agree the deal, most shanghai people would fulfill their promise, so the trust in business ecosystem is pretty good compared to such as northern east business man,

Hiring a shanghai people is another story, I can’t jump to a conclusion, but here is a real example, kind of funny and ironic story:

A company in Shanghai was recruiting the HR manager, in 2016, when head hunter recommended a shanghai native candidate, everything goes fine, he is smart, eloquent and seems professional, so he got the offer soon, and three days after his onboard days, he travel to Beijing for internal business, probably traveling itself is exhausted, he suddenly feel uncomfortable, and without any notice in advance he came back to shanghai himself, and raising a reassignment 3 days later for the health reason, also still claimed some compensation for his trip. Well, the company trust his story and pay off all the necessary compensation, and noticing the head hunter this candidate is not suitable for his weak body health. Actually the time delay and meaningless compensation already damage the company in some way, so everybody moved forward.

But the story did not end here, after three months since he got bail out, he claim he had recovered and extremely love the company and want to join it again, obviously the management team of the company can not trust this person, and refused him, sometimes, thing always goes in unexpected way, the HR manager is absent for one years, no suitable candidate all the time (It’s hard for private sector to do business in China ) yet, on the other hand, this shanghai candidate contacted the company every week by email or sms, to express the faith and believe in the company and pledge that he is ready for any challenge, well, after one year the management team reconsidered and evaluate if it is possible to hire this guy again, in the mean time, the management team clearly addressed the challenge for the HR job to him and got an extremely positive answer from him, so finally, after lots debate and hesitations, he got the same offer again.

By the end of the 2017, 2 months after he got onboard, he resigned again, shocking every people, the reason is simple and ridiculous, he can not work under such a stress, he have to balance his working and life. When thing goes here, the management can not blame this guy but themselves, they did not see through the natural of this guy, who only got a big mouth.

I can not judge who is right, what is right in modern Chinese society, I’ve heard at least two sample like this about shanghai people, what I know is the trust between Chinese people is collapsing, all people include me have to pay for it.

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