Oven Roll with Meal

I am not a fan of oven roll with meal, but my wife is, so when I walked by the oven roll with meal chain store yesterday, I took some pictures there.

The reason why I never talked about it because I think it still needs time to see if this kind of chain store specific to only one food could survive a long time, anyway it is looking good till now.

This chain store is the most famous one and operate as a fast food restaurant. Their name is interesting,  just check out the featured image, the sealed signature logo literally means by two parts,  肉夹馍’ is the oven roll with meal,  and the brand name is “西少爷” which implies a playboy named Xi.

Their market segment would be fall into snack category, but still can be treat as a good breakfast or lunch restaurant, even midnight snack food..

The menu is pretty simple, just oven roll with meal, chicken, or vegetable, coupled with snack and beverage. if you happened to visit China, this could be counted as one of a specialty food in China, even though I don’t like meal food that much, I have to say it is delicious. And you don’t have to worry about the health security problem too much because their chainstore operation model had been running since 2014, I did not hear severe negative news about them, I will keep reserved optimistic.

From my personal view, the most tasty food here is one of a snack – Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, you can find this snack almost in every corner of the street, but I think this is the most good one. Also, it would be the most hygienic one, I think, check this out.



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