Olympic Forest Park

Olympic Forest park is, I think, the most important legacy from the Olympic Games in 2008, the apartment built for the athlete at that time, AKA athlete village, was sold to public after the Olympic, and all stadium built in college then transferred the owner to the college for servicing the students, the badminton stadium I mentioned last time is one of them, in general, I think the re-usage ratio is pretty good for public, even though I think most of them still can not reach a positive financial balance. Think about the abandoned stadium from Brazil Olympic Games, Beijing did a good job.

Among all of those facility, Olympic Forest Park is the most popular one in the northern Beijing, it serves millions of resident in Beijing, every weekend, you can see lots of family, jogging fans, having fun here, it is pretty enormous area across 4th ring and 5th ring express road.

Here is a gossip for the Olympic Forest park, when building it, lots of original resident here was forced to move out here, but with a enormous compensation because of the deadline requirement of the Olympic Games, so hundreds of suburb people became multimillionaire over night.

Sometimes I would stroll around here for recreation, it is rare to find such a place you can escape from concrete forest city.

You can check out the overall information here from their website, but to be honest, the website sucks, like most of other government website.

Here is my 1 hour walking tip and the picture I took.

Figure: The northern entrance, and most entrance got a park place, which is enough for work day park requirement, but not enough for weekend. (1$ Per Hour)


Figure: Just forest with the road, no vehicle except for internal staff patrol vehicle.

Figure:Plastic track with distance mark per kilometer, it is very handy for jogging lover.

Figure: Rest room is everywhere, it’s good, but some of them are out of maintenance

Figure:In front of a rest room, I have to ask, where is the tactile paving leading to? it ends suddenly.

Figure: Signage for no skating and no fishing.

Figure: The english word show staff only, while the Chinese word is ‘it is a dead end, please walk around.’  which is a culture difference for language.


Figure: I strongly think this is a hidden military facility which leads to some secure spot, kidding.


Figure: Bench is not rare here, it’s nice.


Figure: This one is actually a weird sculpture, I think, why a Egyptian Pharaoh here?


Figure: Usually the resident would against the power cable across the community, while here is the perfect spot.

Figure: I take this for a wallpaper texture.




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