Nude is a taboo in Chinese culture, while in modern Chinese society tolerating it became a symbol of feminine risingon the other hand,  this is still a taboo off the table for most of people to talk about , but what is interesting is the nude art industry is out there in the shadow for a long long time after the economic reform started since 1978.

I was deeply impressed by the NU MUSE Calendar(which is inspired by Treats! magazine) art work documentary film by Starz,  It is extraordinary beautiful, and attracting me so much, but please forgive me again as a male, I have to say there are more erotic in my eye, rather than the art. In my younger age, the guilty of feeling erotic was bothering me a lot, as all I know about nude is a sin. Actually I don’t know what exact the sin is at that time, and never have the courage to ask from the older one.

nude, which is strong implication to sex arousing, is one of the basic human natural, which had been oppressed by authority for thousands of years in Chinese traditional culture, if I had to guess the reason, I think, the nude, whatever art or sex, is kind of leading to irrational, and free mind, which is harmful for regime to effectively govern. But the human natural would find its way one way or another, so through thousands of years, there are grey and shadow area for nude business, such as ancient sex culture,art and prostitution(including male or female), among of which, lots of factors is even for the requirement from authority themselves.

In modern Chinese society, posting a nude picture online is illegal in most of the real case, but what is ironic, when you open most of the Chinese website, you will see the semi nude or sex teaser picture everywhere, and even worse, in some public place, especial in some travel landscape, some commercial TV screen would air none – G rated footage, once in TianJin city, I can’t even believe it when the TV is airing the 19-R Korean girl group MTV which is vey arousing.

Some Chinese art photographer undergo their work in private forum which can not be spread in a wide range, because if it draw attention from public , the authority would ban you immediately, technically they must be illegal in some way. So in China, you can do ‘Nude’, but can not discuss ’Nude’.

For publications, like I mentioned in magazine( , you can’t post nude image, as I can remember, some years later when the famous nude pirelli calendar came to china for shooting, they covered there models body well. Following the local rule to do business is fare enough for all the people, I can’t just simply blame it,  at least, nowadays, you can get most of what you want via internet.

Off the topic, I talk a little about the prostitution in China regarding of the ‘nude business’,  This shadow business is prosperous in China, especially in southern China, and sometimes, by little chance, cops would arrest you in hotel, and detain you for several days, so be careful, if you really want to do that, furthermore, I think the HIV threatening is rising nowadays in China, as authority don’t publicly announce that, so necessary protection should be conduct, such as condom or  someone you trust, honestly I don’t have the first hand experience for this, here is my feeling about that. And bar district such as SanLiTun, is the traditional or good place to hook up, but again, be careful the scam there.

An artist ChenDanQing( once said on the talk show QiangQiang, that the whoremonger in China is the most rude one in the world, I don’t know why and if it is a real thing, but I am tending to believe this respectful artist.

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