Niche Hotpot Restaurant

It is closing midnight, when I passed by the hotpot restaurant, I found it is still opened, and there are still lots of customer there enjoying their time, so I park my car, and come to this restaurant.

I have talked about some good hotpot restaurant (, which are decent places to have dinner, but as a native one, some local, niche restaurant would have great attraction to me, this hotpot restaurant is that one.

You would not expect a great service here, as well as the environment, because lots of customer just smoke beside you, and I can see only 1 or 2 waitress serving the customer, if you need something, you should probably go to the counter by yourself. People talk to each other loudly, sometimes, get drunk.

But I still love this place for years, lots of people did, like me, because we all love the food here, tasty, fresh, and way too cheaper than the usual hotpot restaurant I mentioned earlier, you could expect 1/3 to 1/2 cost saving than lots of hotpot restaurant in the northern Beijing.

Just check out some photo I took here.

Traditional coal heating hotpot, no electricity

The ornament is retro style

Retro style wall

Retro table and chair

The address, there are lots competitor just right there beside this restaurant, just check out the featured image to make sure you come to the right one. BTW, no one would speak English here, so you’d better be company with Chinese friends, but rest assure, it is safe here even in the midnight.

Beef slice


Frozen tofu,technically this is coming from soybean, and it is way too tasty.

Are you scare? This bloody tofu, made by the blood of Pig,or duck. no any of the soybean.

Roast lamb kidney, kind of BBQ

The bill, it only cost me about $20!!

At Last the chopstick,with the name of the restaurant

The Address:
Baidu Map

Google Map


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