New Year Gala

Gala is a modern Chinese culture, yesterday, National TV station have the most important gala show on TV, broadcasting across China, I have some glimpse on it as I spent most of my time on being company with my child.

In China, the most priority of gala is not for entertainment but for political propaganda, it is luxury, gorgeous, but actually do not have much fun,  it is hilarity, but often make people feel noisy, and also because of the political reason, I felt it is racism and bigotry or ego when I saw a comedy with people of Africa , it was such a embarrass moment for me also. later, I search this on the internet,  certainly, I found some critic about this, check this out from south China morning post

If I think there is one thing all the gala is shy of ,  that should be a little honesty, an honest or upfront person would never neglect others feeling, which I think, is the blind point in our education.

Well, although the gala sucks, it is still a necessary ‘BGM’ for this most important festival, and also, criticizing the gala is the first thing we usually do on the first day of new year, coupled with relax and rest from staying up till early morning,  in the early days, the 1st  day of new year would be very busy in visiting neighbors and friends or relatives, but nowadays as I mentioned previously(, we don’t usually do visiting because we don’t know each other anymore.

PS. Usually, Chinese gala would have more than one host,  and talk some none sense altogether, most likely a trophy role although the heavy battle suit, check out the featured image which depict all the hosts

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