Movie -Justice League

This is not technically a movie review, but some feeling about the movie. If you are interested in movie market stuff, check out this blog.

I alway like to see a movie in the morning, because it will be less interfered by others, sometimes, I can even enjoy myself in the whole theatre.

In general, I think it’s good, and within my expectation as a mainstream hollywood commercial film, you got cool characters (you got 6 to choose), delightful cameo(Gotham Commissioner ), boring or corny but simple plot, strong enough villain to fight. Given the cost of ticket is only 20RMB ($3), it is even pretty good.

Figure: The coat and hat is so cool, kind of Japanese clothing style.

Here is the ‘BUT’ time, Music is not epic style given this is the most important gathering for justice league for the first time, and some CG/Color seems not much dedicate and beautiful, especially for the epic battle scenes, looks like PS4 gaming video. Also maybe I am too old, I am not feeling exciting but some awkward when I saw Wonder Woman sitting on the shoulder of the statue (I think the statue must have some background story….) this fist appearance posing looks not natural to me, while the posting for Batman is more comforting me instead., actually if spider man sit on the shoulder, that would be more natural.

Another awkward moment which strike me a little bit is the horizontal line up, it is too much for me, posing like that is only for the camera , not for the movie, I don’t think it’s cool always, given they are all being kicking the butt by super man later.

I know the costume of WW come from the cosmic, I can’t talk too much about the suit, actually I don’t think it is fitting my taste, but this is a controversial topic which already have lots of debate online.





Figure: This Lining up side by side is really cool.

At last, I am probably not the targeting audience in entertainment industry anymore, also for years I can not find a movie like The Matrix(Si-Fi segment) to shock me so much and make me thinking. But who knows.

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