In Memory of Stephen Hawking

It is quite a coincidence Nobel Prize-winning scientist Stephen Hawking passed away today when I mentioned his famous book A Brief History of Time in my yesterday’s post (

I don’t remember the first time when I heard of this great man, but what I thought at the very beginning, was he is not a living man, like Newton or Einstein, Till I bought his book A Brief History of Time, I got to know his Bio, it is quite difficult for me to image how a person can live like that, and as a young man, I didn’t let all this thing bothering me too much time, then, He just became an unusual scientist in my memory.

It is in the TV comedy show The Big Bang Theory, when the vivid image of Stephen Hawking came to me. And his signature voice gave a lot of fun for this show. For which, I dig a lot about the voice equalizer system, it turns out it is the effort of dozens of top scientists from different IT company, Cofounder of Intel Moore is one of the contributor, since 2012, one of his dedicated team from intel have helped Hawking with the computer, word input prediction problem and the interface problem for years.

Hawking’s voice is a unique one, even Hawking himself had recognized it as his own voice, so when the new voice upgrade came, he still want the older one, which kind of became his unique identity today. The designer of Hawking’s voice is a MIT engineer Dennis Klatt, the equipment is called NECtalk ( which is simply a text-to-speech device , the name of this particular voice is called Perfect Paul, one of first original voices, Beautiful Betty is another one I found, but actually there are still controversy over the voice source, you can check it here (

Whether his passing away is a good thing or bad thing to himself, I don’t know. But it must be a loss for the science field, and another iconic physics leave the world to see by himself if the god exists even though Hawking himself don’t think the universe need God (But how about beyond the universe, Do Hawking believe in God in some way? )

The image Screen grab from ABC news

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