Meltdown And Spectre Joke

I just drew these comics for fun, Don’t take it for serious too much. Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerability is hard for public to understand actually, but we can make fun of it. If you want to know what it is, here is a good technical analogy essay.

Long story short, if computer is a human, then this problem is a potential heart congenital disease, which technically can not be cured, rather than take some medicine to manage to keep it from happening.

The subtext or the inspiration for the comic is about everything in China is relevant to politics,you can never hide away from it, even the pure technical problem such as this security vulnerability meltdown and spectre, it no longer lie in the academic field, but a tools or a method instead.



The China branch of the multinational IT corporation have passed the golden age to make money in China(Before 2008), one way or another they are plateaued or have gone downhill, the local companies have risen during these years with the supporting by authority in appearance or in the shadow, but for ordinary people, more competition is always not a bad thing, so I would like to see more player in the IT market, rather than the only local player alone.


This article is about Huawei

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