May Day Holiday Break

Holiday is sweet for everyone, International Workers’ Day(or May Day), is an important public holiday in China, we got three days vacation to enjoy, but as usual, I stayed at home with my family, taking a long break from work.

Holiday policy is complicated in China, some years later, Chinese people even works on Saturday. And since 1994, I think it is because of the pressure from WTO negotiation, Chinese people finally got 5 working day per week. Then in 1999, the golden week policy enacted to boost the domestic consumption,which is to create three 7 day long holiday by shifting some working day before or after in Spring festival (Feb or Jan), National day(Oct), and May day(May).

And in 2008, the May day golden week was canceled because of the appealing of balancing the other traditional holidays , such as mid autumn festival and Tomb’s day, as well as to down to earth of the annual leave policy.

The holiday policy kept that way till today, and forge the unique reality of Chinese holiday culture.

Although there will be rush hour before and after holiday all over the world, in China it is way more severe, especially in first ties city and famous landscape, huge traffic would drive outside Beijing before the holiday and get jammed in the entrance of the express way, I talked about it here  as well, for new year holiday.

In this holiday, I went to National stadium and summer palace where is the on the must – go list for all tourists to Beijing, I live not far from these place, so when my relatives came by to visit my family, I will take them there to have some fun.

So I skipped to update my site on holiday, here I am again to continue my study and life.

Notes: The featured image was shoot by myself in BaDaLing Outlet

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