Language Memo for Mandarin and Deutsch

Beginner Way To GOGrammarScenarioVocabularyVideoDeutsch A1
Mandarin,Not Internet Slang

About Pinyin System

Pinyin Alphabet (Audio)


Article In Mandarin

Say ‘Hello’ to People

‘Cute’ In Mandarin

Respect (尊重)

Interview Xu ZhiYuan En_Sub

Notes: Please be aware that here is the learning memo and notes from my deutsch course, I put them here briefly to help myself to better understand and go over the knowledge, it is not a intention to serve any one in any way, but if it happened to be helpful to you in some way, That’s not a bad thing for me obviously! Grüße

German Language Index

Deutschkurs Memo 1 - Intro

Deutschkurs Memo 2 - Number

Memo III – Calling and Paying

IV: Article – Artikel

V: Direction and Landmark

VI: Present and Past tense

VII: Say Goodbye

VIII:A1-1 Essay

A12 Interjektionen,Adj,Haus,Akk

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