If you are still a huge fans for traditional publication, such as book, magazine, you would have my respect so much, no sarcasm, I mean it, because it’s really money costing and time consuming in nowadays, especially in today’s China.

For my personal case, I’ve only bought less than ten publications last years, and can not even finish reading half of them. Today ,when I would like to get myself some beverages in 7-11 convenient store, I suddenly notice some magazines still out there for selling, which bring up something to me.

You may noticed already that the magazines on the shelf, most of them are fashion or beauty magazines, such as the Vogue China, and the most wired one, FHM China(talk later). which is also all you can find in the street kiosk. Indeed, the publishing industry is kind of in recession globally, especially in China, given the severe restriction by authority, that’s the reality, I am not here to criticize it as you can find lots of professional article to address this, what I want to talk about is if you, as a visitor or long term inhabitant , is looking for some local magazine to just read or sharpen your mandarin skill etc, I would like to recommend some of them I know well.

Usually, original edition magazine of native language(English) could be found in some foreign book store, such as in 798 art district , Bookworm(, PageOne and Trend Lounge (photo:

Also, Kindle edition is an alternative way to read magazine by subscription of english magazine, but sometimes, if the server is located outside China, you may probably be blocked when downloading it.

Kindly Reminder: I’ve not been there for years, not sure if they are all still there, but as I know, most them are still opened based on my google searching.

If you know mandarin well enough to communicate with chatting tool to Taobao( seller, then you can buy vast kinds of original magazines from the rest of the world, any popular magazine except for porn (illegal in China) can be found there, although selling foreign magazine(English) is still within the grey area of the law.

Backing to local magazine, you could barely buy a serious magazine or any niche magazine in the street kiosk or convenient store, except vehicle/car and beauty magazine, also sometimes the FHM China I mentioned above, the reason why I think it is wired is as a soft,light erotic tending magazine, you can not even find a single topless girl on it(not mention more explicit), you can think my taste for this is vulgar, but this is really I have in my mind when I grow up to an adult.

  • For serious magazine, what I recommend firstly is Dú Kù(读库) , which is kind of niche but good selling bimonthly magazine, technically it look more like a book, full of serious eastern and western culture non-fictional story, every publication consist of 5 to 6 article about 5000 Chinese words each. it would be absolutely none surface reading for reader, you have to spend some time to read, even repeatedly, and the chief editor is a famous publisher, also author and more shining titles, who’s name is ZhangLiXian(A Introduction in 2007 )
  • Bloomberg Business week Chinese version, you may know more than me for this, the Chinese edition is pretty good, but I think it can be only bought on Taobao or in Hong Kong .
  • Life weekly ( just think it is a small size one of The Time Weekly in China.
  • HBR( Edition,for economic tasting reader.

To be honest, offline reading especially for serious magazines is a luxury hobby for ordinary Chinese people, with the general marketing shrinking in some way, you will find some of the magazine market would be replaced by online form reading which would be website,app or kindle, but on the other hand, I don’t think magazine will die, because the transformation to high end publication or deep dive to a niche group would still be lucrative, actually I am not optimistic for the mandarin magazine market, given the publishing restriction, so be it, hope this would be helpful to you.

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