Internet celebrity ,Luoyonghao,nickname, Fatty Luo is a controversial teacher, founder of English education facility, and Smartisan cell phone (, he got famous by accident when he was a teacher in New Oriental School, one of his student recorded his speech and publish it on the internet, which soon created a great stir on internet because of his extreme and upfront comments on social affair and political opinion.

LuoYongHao quit from New Oriental School after he became famous on Internet, then created a blog website ( courage freedom of speech and openly discussing of politics. This site soon gathered lots of blogger who have similar political view with Luoyosnghao, criticizing government policy and political comments became the most common contents of this site, so the blog inevitably draw attention by authority, and finally be shut down in 2009.

In 2008, He start off his own English school in Beijing with his friends, and start road show in most of the university, usually, he will give a 2 hour long speech solely on the stage, it’s kind of like a talk show, and he is really good at it. Here is the video set for his talkshow, The story of starting off a business by an idealist. ( sorry, I can’t find the subtitle.

After the serial talk show every year to promote his school, his school grow rapidly in the education industry, and also gathered a lot of top talented people around him, and help him with the operation of the school. At the same time, he often argue with other celebrity on Internet publicly which also draw great attention and cause debate in public.

But in 2012, He suddenly announced to open a new company for making cell phone, which basically lead his school to shut down and finally acquired by another education company. And since then, some of his friend left him with disagreement, and he still talked on internet frequently, getting tension relationship with lots of celebrity. Yes, he got a big mouth indeed!

Making a phone is not easy as he originally imagined, after experiencing a lot of setback he finally withdraw himself from the public landscape after 2015, no more argument and solo PR via weibo(twitter) , I think he is doing what an entrepreneur is supposed to do.

So, this is the brief BIO about him, actually I am a real fans of him when he was the principal of the school, and would watch the whole talk show of him every year, and kind of get inspired by his speech, but when he suddenly abandoned his school and students to pursue a “better“ career, I think he lost the basic responsibility to what he used to stick to.All the inspirational story and promotion for his school just became the shameless bragging, sometimes, I would think, as an entrepreneur, one should probably alway do something different, challenge oneself, but when I think about Luo, I don’t think he is successful in either of his previous career, rather than argue and debate with other people endlessly.

Actually, Luo is a fan of Steve Jobs, and indeed now he stepped into the mobile phone industry, I don’t know if he could succeed for his Smartisan phone from market share point of view, but now he finally keep obscure from public in most cases, which I think that’s what he should’ve been like this long long time ago.

idealism is sometimes a dangerous thing, which is usually just the cover of selfishness and greedy.

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