Lunar New Year

Finally, everybody got home, and will have wonderful dinner tonight, and also in midnight, all people would have a dumpling midnight snack as a tradition, so dumpling kind of carry the meaning of home sick in our culture.

Firework is another Chinese tradition in lunar new year, but firework will cause severe air pollution , so lots of city would entirely or partially prohibit having firework in the new year midnight, although some people would criticize the abandon of the Chinese tradition.

I personally uphold the ban code, as no one would clear up his own mess of firework, left tons of firework garbage on the ground, It will took great effort for sanitation worker to clean up, Not to say the air pollution.

Another tradition is the ‘red package’ , means the elder people would send money to the young people, usually 200RMB, I remember, when I was a kid, I will receive 10RMB every lunar new year. see, quite a inflation ratio!

Also, the Central TV station will broadcast the new year gala(since 1984), but the audience rating drop a lot during these years, as lot of young people would enjoy the online entertainment program instead.

In traditional Chinese society, neighbors would visit each other to greet new year, and also in modern China, We all barely know who is our neighbor, so no more visiting anymore for most people, especially in big city. I don’t know my neighbor beside my apartment, but my mother still know her neighbor and will visit them and greeting as usual. So time changes.

In the early age, I remember when new year come, family will gather and have dinner in home, chatting, enjoy the time, but nowadays, most family would choose a restaurant to have facility dinner, and when backing to home, every one may probably stuck with ones phone, and do not chat much more as the old days, this is one of the reason why the family bond loose for modern young family.

One of my new years mission is to keep record of my family tradition, I will write, and record or shooting video to keep some precious tradition, such as some recipes, and some family history story, I did this since 3 years ago, when I realized if I still do nothing about it, I will loss them forever in the future, and I will regret it.

Last happy new year to all my family and friends.


Notes: Featured image is from here under CC0 Creative Commons

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