A lovely Snack Roast Fish

This is not the usual grill roast for fish, and it is a little bit not accuracy that I call it snack, because we usually go to this restaurant at dinner time. The dish of roast fish is everywhere in Beijing, and just like the coffee shops, you never know which one is suitable for you, and which one is good.

The reason why I recommend this one is because it has been in this particular fish business for more than 10 years, they never changed their business, it looks normal in a lots of European country, even in US, but it is very rare in China, especially in Beijing, when this roast fish food business rose 10 years ago, there are thousands roast fish restaurants opened for this kind of business, the golden age of roast fish had come, surely disaster for the fishes. 🙂 . But after 10 years. 99% of this restaurant was out of business or shift to another restaurant. Only this brand kept their identity and the quality level roast fish food.

I would go to this restaurant several times every years, not too much, because, the the cooking way of roasting is not much healthy, although it is very tasty,like the roast duck, also this restaurant developed couples of new flavors for the roast fish, from the pepper salted to spiced salted, if I remembered correctly, there are almost 10 flavors there. And there three kind of fish for the customer to choose from, sometimes two, in short, most of fish is the less bone types, which can be basically free of stabbing by the fish bone.

Years ago, this restaurant got revamped, actually during that time, I had thought it may be out of business, because most of this kind of restaurant would never opened again. So I am a little surprised when I saw it came to open again.

The most classic flavor:

Pepper salted

Figure: This is the pepper salted one

There are also some small dishes, which is very affordable for most people, and for a typical expense in this restaurant, it would be less than 300RMB (45$), 3-4 person.

Figure:Auricularia,This is kind of like mushroom thing.(spicy)

Figure: Chicken with peanuts (spicy)

At last the map, I almost forget.

Baidu Map :https://j.map.baidu.com/4jdIO
Google Map :https://goo.gl/maps/MvTQuistHN62

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